+995 593 00 17 72 rurcom@gmail.com
+995 593 00 17 72 rurcom@gmail.com

What we can offer?

Activities and services

  • Mobilization of communities
  • Ecologically safe production, processing
  • Provision of safe drinking water and basic sanitation
  • Introduction of environmentally safe production, processing, practices
  • Building skills and capacities of communities for sustainable livelihoods
  • Implementation of alternative income generation activities in rural areas
  • (off-farm activities, small businesses, transfer of affordable technologies-AT), post-harvest handling of crops through organizing collecting centers.
  • Transfer of affordable technologies
  • Assistance in the regional, district, community development planning
  • Diversification of agricultural production according to local and regional market demand
  • Support in the value-added production chain
  • Support of women business initiatives
  • Support in Agro, Eco-tourism development in communities
  • Sustainable management of natural resources: Utilization of Renewable Energy Resources
  • Waste management
  • Information Dissemination