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Solar Energy for Resilient Livelihoods

“Solar Energy for Resilient Livelihoods”

The project were being implemented with the assistance of the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) within the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) in cooperation with Borjomi Local Action Group (LAG) and Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA).

The aim of the project: To support the communities to develop Climate Smart, low-carbon footprint livelihoods, decrease environmental degradation and energy poverty.

The objectives of the project: (I). Create awareness and building capacities of the local population on Renewable Energy with focus on Solar PV systems; (II). To develop and install solar off-grid PV systems in 10 communities, 20 selected households; (III). Developing policy recommendations for sustainable use of existing renewable energy resources;

The project primarily targets are small households, women-headed households, youth, and other vulnerable groups.

Project expected results:

  • Through awareness-raising capacities of the local population built on the Renewable Energy with a focus on Solar PV systems
  • Rural population benefits from increased awareness of the sustainable use of renewable resources and climate-smart livelihood solutions.
  • Develop and install solar off-grid PV systems in 10 communities, 20 selected households (two in each community)
  • Rural population economically empowered through capacity building, pieces of training and job opportunities created through developing demonstration fields with renewable energy mechanisms.
  • Improved cooperation with stakeholders and institutions on the local and regional level

The project is being implemented in 10 communities of Borjomi Municipality.