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Safe Drinking Water for Sustainable Livelihoods

The project “Safe Drinking Water for Sustainable Livelihoods” is supported by Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation and implemented by NGO Rural Communities Development Agency (RCDA) in cooperation with local communities.

The aim of the Project is to support 2 village communities of Khamiskuri and Kheta of Khobi Municipality in the rehabilitation of water supply systems and provision of safe drinking water to 118 households.

The specific objectives of the project are: (i). Rehabilitation of the 2 Watergate headwork in Khamiskuri and Kheta – Installation of water tanks, (ii).  Replacement of 3200 meters of water supply pipes 2000 meters in Kheta and 1200 meters in Khamiskuri; ( iii).  Rehabilitation of access roads to Watergate headwork’s at a distance of 450 meters – 250 meters in Khamiskuri and 200 meters in Kheta, (iv). Organizing 2 demonstration wastewater filters one in Kheta one in Khamiskuri to prevent disposal of wastewater into river bodies, (v). Establishing Village Water Committees in Kheta and Khamiskuri. (vi). Training of local authorities and village committees on the safe management of water supplies and prevention of water-related diseases

The project primarily targets communities in Khobi Municipality of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti where the provision of safe and acceptable drinking-water frequently represents a challenge to small-scale water supplies Water supply systems in both communities are in deplorable condition: leaking pipes and taps, inappropriate sanitary systems and poorly maintained infrastructure makes the population, particularly women and children vulnerable towards waterborne diseases.