LDS Giving Machines project 2022

With the support of the World Church Service (CWS), the non-governmental organization Rural Community Development Agency (RCDA) has launched the LDS Giving Machines project.
The implementation of the project is envisaged in four municipalities in Adjara Khulo Municipiaty Ghorjomi Community, In Kvemo Kartli Tsalka Municipality Trialeti community, in Mtskheta Mtianeti, Tianeti Municiplaity, Akhalsopeli community, in Samegrelo -Zemo Svaneti Khobi municipality Kheta and Khamiskuri communities of Georgia where CWS supported projects are being implemented. amongt IDPs (Internally Displactd persons), eco migrants and local small holder farmmers and households.
Overall project goal is to promote small scale poultry production, beekeeping, pork production and goats breeding, among poor IDPs, eco migrants and local households in order to increase their incomes, nutrition and livelihoods. This will be achieved through increasing poultry , honey and pork production levels (quantity and quality), reducing production costs. It also aims to promote improved practices and modern technologies of production through skills development and training.